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Core Fitness

Core Fitness AZ supports AmeriCon, and the Veterans of the United States. If it weren't for our incredible Men and Women in our Armed Services, we wouldn't enjoy our Freedom. God Bless all that serve and continue to serve. Thank you AmeriCon for supporting the real heroes.

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Less than 1% of the population of the United States of America currently serve in our active military. The number of people that served and retired from both the military and local, state, or federal law enforcement are so small that no statistics are available… In the Case of Mr. Pedro Solis our country was lucky enough to have a man who would give more than 20 years to both his country and his community as a Vietnam and Desert Storm Veteran and a police officer. On the morning of 13NOV18, after waking up early in the morning and relaxing in his recliner, researching for our family tree, as he liked to do, Pete passed away peacefully, and quietly in his home in Cave Creek, Arizona. The percentage of Americans who can raise their hand and say they are a veteran, a retired combat veteran, and a retired police officer, is incredibly small. However, Pete could… He’s literally a 1 in a 100 million kind of guy … He epitomized and demonstrated on a daily basis what it means to be a good American, a good father, a good husband, a good friend, and a good mentor. Today we are faced with an incredibly difficult task; we are forced to follow in this man’s footsteps and attempt to live by the example he set. Regardless of how difficult our job will be, trying to live as he did, we know it is possible; because he did. Even if the odds are 1 in a 100 million, we know there’s still a chance, and we owe it to him to do our best to live up to the lofty goals and achievements he set. Thank you for your service. Godspeed Pete! ... See MoreSee Less

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