What It’s All About:

Freedom Forward is dedicated to providing a wealth of support to service members and their families. However, we intend to deliver that support without being preachy or over-bearing. All the professionals, volunteers, and supporters who have partnered with us, and who attend our events know that the way to connect and really help our service members is by being with them. Although we have guest speakers, we are not delivering a sermon. This event is meant to be interactive and fun, where people can connect organically and seek tools, information, and connections based on their personal needs when and how they are comfortable with it. We want people to come out, sit by our bon fire, and enjoy the good times and camaraderie.

Family & Personal Support:

Freedom Forward provides a venue and outlet for individuals who have been involved in traumatic situations, and/or are looking to reconnect to their families. Professionals for mental health and family health will be attending our events, and will provide 100% anonymous support to anyone with questions or needs guidance. Also, our partners will be donating a portion of their time to our attendees to call them if they want to follow up after the events, or if they ever need timely advice and support. Additionally, we want to make sure our attendees and supporters have a place to improve their personal health and wellness by introducing professionals, resources, and connections that can promote good fitness and nutrition solutions, as well as healthy lifestyle choices that meet each interested individual’s personal needs.

Career & Transitional Support:

Freedom Forward provides a venue and outlet for our attendees to reach out to men and women in various industries who can speak to and be a mentor to those who are transitioning from their service position, retiring, and/or trying to start a business. The private industry can be difficult to adapt to while, and/or after, being a service member. We want to ensure everyone who wants to learn more about private industry has that opportunity. We bring a wide range of professionals who can speak to the best practices for breaking into new industries. We invite everyone who attends to not only learn more about various industries our partners can speak to, but also provide details about their personal experiences; so as a community we are better prepared for any occupational challenge.

Entertainment & Camaraderie:

Freedom Forward provides a venue and outlet for service members, their families, and other patriots to hang out and have a good time, and enjoy the events we have planned and most of all embrace the benefits of our great nation. One of the key components to our great nation is our service community, and our charity was created to thank and give back to those service members. We sincerely hope and encourage everyone who can to attend. Our events are meant to bring you to “our” collective camp-fire, where people of every service and every corner of the US can come together, share stories, learn about each other, and have a good time. Having a place to get away to and hang out with friends and family is what makes the US a great place to both serve, and come back to after years of training, sacrifice, and difficulties; both at home and abroad.

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